Oh, hey! Welcome to my design page. Grab yourself a seat, a drink and take a look around. This page is a collection of my work from over the years. Some for businesses and others for fun.

In need of a new business logo or rebrand? Drop me a message, I'd love to help your dreams come true.


Loza Creations is a small business out of Fresno, California that creates cement plant holders, ring holders, etc.


D4 Pluming & Drains is a plumbing and drain company based out of Los Angeles. 

REI shirt design is specifically tailored to the Sacramento, CA store. Featuring the iconic Tower Bridge that crosses the American River. You can find locals floating, kayaking, SUPing, and more out on the river during the hot summer months.

Spirit Airlines was a small group project that took on the rebranding of the budget friendly airline company, Spirit Airlines.